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PPL (H) Course

PPL(H)   Private Pilots` Licence PPL(H) Our PPL(H) course is based and standardised on the syllabus provided by the JAR for PPL(H) and associated ratings.   Training Objectives Each course is designed so that the pilot under training is given the experience, competence in flying and the knowledge of aviation technical subjects demanded by the ground and flight skill tests for the issue of the PPL(H) licence. Study for the ground school exams is in the form of classroom tutorials and directed private study, balanced to suit the requirments of each individual.   Requirements for the Private Pilots` Licence

  • Minimum flying hours: total time 45 hours;dual insturction 36 hours; solo (Pilot-in-Command) 10 hours.
  • Pass 5 JARground exams (multiple-choice type) 4 of which are conducted by the IAA in Dublin, 1 of which is done in house
    1. Air Law: complying with he rules and regulations of the air;
    2. Navigation &Meteorology:weather considerations and obtaining and understanding forecasts;
    3. Human Performance and Limitations: the effects of flight on the human body;
    4. Aircraft technical:understanding aircraft systems
    5. Flight Planning and Aircraft Performance: plan your route and fuel requirements#
  • Obtain JAR Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate (required before first solo flight)
  • Take a PPL(H) skill test with a IAA/JAA approved examiner Outline for Private Pilots` License
Minimum Requirment: 45 hours flight time, which should include 10 hours solo flight, of which 5 hours shall be cross country and include a flight of 100 miles with two landings at airports other than the point of departure.   Average Requirments:     50/55 hours of flight time   Ground School: 50 hours of tuition with an Apporved Ground School Facility TRAINING COSTS Robinson R44: €(P.O.A)    TOTAL FLYING COST €(P.O.A) (based on one-to-one Instruction on the R44 & Minimum requirements stated aboce   We invite you to contact us and arrange a personal meeting with one of our experienced instructors. They will outline in detail the requirements for otaining your PPL(H) and discuss a trainig plan best suited to your needs After the PPL(H) After obtaining your PPL(H) you will be able to carry passengers as long as no payment or reward is accepted or potionaly you can self-fly hire from our range of helicopters    Level 4 English Language Proficency required    Intended Audience   This course is designed to take a student with no flying experience to the level required for the issue of a private pilots licence (helicopter)   Accreditation  Irish Aviation Authority and College Ireland Approved Flight Training Organisation. JAA and EASA approved


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Advanced Training

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