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CPL(H) Integrated Course

CPL(H)   As a PPL(H) Holder you have 2 options to you with regards to becoming a commercial pilot. Option 1 is the CPL(H) and Option 2 is ATPL (H). with both options the Practical Cpl course elemetn is the same. The only difference is with the Theory exams- the TPL covers instrumental theory. In summary: CPL(H): 13 exams, no Instument theory covered ATPL(H): 14 exams, all instrument knowledge is covered. Once exams are passed and practical CPL course completed your are issued with Frozen ATPL- which in essence is a CPL licence, but you also have the Instrument knowledge covered and passed   For the CPL(H) the subjects are : Module 1 consists of :

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Air Law
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Principles of Flight
  • VFR Communications] module 1 requires 190 hours of distance learning and 30 hours (one week) of classroom timje to complete
Module 2 consists of :
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation, including
  • Operational Procedures
Training Cost Examples (figures are based on a Robinson R44 helicopter and the minimum flying requirements stipulated by the IAA). The below fees do not include IAA fees and the charges or flight test costs.  
Course Details Minimum Time PRICE
Private Pilots License incl. Instructor adn Briefings 45 flying hrs (instructor fees included) P.O.A
Structured hour building Dependent on how many hours are completed through the PPL course Depends on how many hours are completed through gaining Private Pilots License
Modular preparation course for comercial flight test P.O.A with + 5 hours ground tuition P.O.A 30 (P.O.A)
Night flying instruction (optional) P.O.A+ Airport
  • Lighting fees @ P.O.A to 
5  (P.O.A)
      FROZEN ATPL (H) The Frozen ATPL(H) The frozen ATPL (H) is effectively a CPL(H) with the theorectical knowledge exams passed at ATPL level the CPL(H) license can be upgraded to a full ATPL(H) after meeting the issuing requirements:
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete a Multi-crew Co-operation Course (usually two days)
  • 1,000 hours flight time to include
  1. 350 hours multi-pilot:
  2. 250 hours as pilot-in-command
  3. 200hours of cross-country
  4. 70 hours instrument;
  1. 100 hours of night flight.
  • ATPL (H) skill test.
  • Theses requirements have to be met within seven years    COMMERCIAL PILOTS LICENCE HELICOPTERS- INTERGRATED (CPL H)   Duration   12 months   Mode   Full Time   Course Description   The Commercial Pilots Licenece CPL(H) intergrated Approved Flight Training Course is a 12 month full time intensive course of theoretical JAA and EASA approved knowledge tuition intergrated with   flight training. The course is designed to take a student with zero flight experience to a fully qualifed JAR CPL(H) licence holder       Course Content 143 hours total flight time including 108 hours dual instruction 35 hours as Pilot in Command(PIC) 550 hours theorectical knowledge          Intended Audience   AB- initio traininees. No previous experience required. The course is designed to proveide students with a full time course adn the necessayr skills to obtain a Commercial Helicopter Pilots` licence


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